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Rule # Penalty RULE: For Sands Shooters 2018/2019 Season Ver C
1 0.25 + 1st frame open for the game The 1st open during a game becomes the open frame.  Anyone who opens in that frame pays $.25 + $.05 for each pin remaining after the 2nd ball.  Anyone who paid in the open frame, will continue to pay the open penalty until they get a mark
2 $0.05 Loss of Mark Not getting 5 or more pins in the next frame after a spare frame or a double 
3 $1.00 Two Gutter Balls Two gutter balls in the the same frame
4 $0.10 Gutter Ball Gutter ball on first ball. Rule 2 and 5 apply if appropriate.
5 $.05/pin Open Frame Pay $.05 for each pin remaining after the second ball during a frame. 
6 $0.00 Cousins When three players strike or pick up a split in a frame, remaining two that don’t strike are a cousin
7 $0.25 Third Cousin Once a player gets three cousins
8 $0.05 Multi-Cousin  For each cousin after paying for third cousin.  
9 $0.05 Double Strike When a team member has two strikes in a row...remaining team members pay.  
10 $0.10 Triple Strike + When a team member has three strikes (or more) in a row remaining team members pay
11 $0.25 Low Bowler Bowler with the lowest score in the game after including handicap pays
12 $0.50 Miss Avg Bowlers not within 20 pins of their average for the night
13 $0.50 Hanging Frame When four team members get a strike or convert a split in the same frame, the remaining player pays. The next frame is the beer frame where the bowler(s) who get the least amount of pins on the first ball in the next frame pay.  If there is a tie, all who tied pay. Rule 15 applies after a HF..
14 $0.25 SUPER STAR  FRAME When all members either strike or convert a split in the same frame, all pay and the next frame is the HF.
15 $0.05 Flame Out After a SSF and during the HF, or after a HF and into the BF, team members who do not get a strike or convert a split pay.  
16 $0.05 Only Strike Only one person to strike or convert a split in a frame, other four pay
17 $0.50 Beer Frame After a HF, (when not a result of a SSF) bowler with the lowest score on the first ball rolled the next frame pays.  In case of a tie, all who tied pay.  
18 $0.25 10, 11, 12th Frame Following a HF or SSF, if there is not a next game...everyone pays.  If there is a next game, the 1st frame of the next game is the HF or BF.  
19 $1.00 SUPER SHIT FRAME If all 5 bowlers open in a frame all pay.
20 $5.00 Team Shirt Failure to wear a Shooters team shirt during bowling league night
21 $2.00 Pot/ Poker game Each game, each player puts in $2.00 ($1.00 in HG pot and $1.00 for poker).  Poker Game Pot: A 52 card playing deck is shuffled and place on the table.  Each frame bowlers pick one card for a spare, one card for a strike, and two cards for consecutive strikes.  Bowlers may look at 8 cards they have been awarded, but must discard one card and may keep seven cards to make their best poker hand.  When all cards have been selected from the original deck, the discard pile will be reshuffled and players will pick from that pile until end of the game. Winner is the player with the best poke hand (no jokers) at the end of each game wins half the pot. High Game Pot: Until everyone bowling the night has established a handicap in the league, winner is high scratch bowler.  If all bowlers bowling that night have an established handicap, winner for each game will be the bowler with the highest score that game including handicap. Wins the other half of the pot.