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Tips for a successful Family Portrait Session

Make sure everyone is well-rested, well-hydrated and have a light snack before your shoot.

What should I wear?
Simplicity is the key to a successful portrait.  Think about the type of portrait you want and bring the necessary outfits to capture that look.

Groups look best in similar styles or colors, but do not have to match exactly.  Keep the clothing in the same color tones.  For beach portraits solid colors are best. Try to avoid bright colors and busy patterns that will distract focus from your face.  (Light colored shirts with khaki pants, or dark blue denim pants look nice for beach settings). 

Adults, it is best to avoid sleeveless outfits because bare skin can add weight to your appearance.  Long sleeves or ¾ sleeves are preferred.

For beach portraits wear sandals or flip-flops that will be easily removed and make sure your toe nails are manicured and groomed

Avoid tight fitting clothes, especially tight waistbands, which also add the appearance of weight.  You will want to be as comfortable as possible.  Make sure you can bend and squat comfortably, because you will be placed in a variety of poses.

Don’t overlook the shoes and socks. Make sure they are clean and they match.

Make-Up Tips
Feel free to bring your necessities (makeup, hair brush, hair spray, mirror, etc.) for touch ups.

Apply makeup as you would if you were going to a formal occasion in the evening. In other words, using a bit more than you would during the day.

Be careful when applying foundation. You do not want your face to be one color and your upper body another.

Use enough powder base for a matte finish to avoid any shiny or oily appearance on your face.

Pay special attention to your eyes, as they will be the most important part of your portrait.


Hair Tips
If you plan to get your hair cut, do it at least 1-2 weeks before your appointment.

Allow two weeks for a fresh perm to relax.

Don't experiment with new hair styles the day of your session.

Gentlemen remember to shave before your session...a "five o'clock shadow" cannot be removed from the finished portrait.

If you wear glasses, please keep in mind that light will glare and reflect on the lenses. It is very difficult to remove the glare once a photo is produced so it may be best to avoid it entirely by either removing your glasses or removing the lenses temporarily from your frames.

If your hands will be in the photograph, be sure your nails are manicured and clean. 


Your photographer will guide you through several poses.  Keep in mind that some positions will feel awkward and unnatural, but they will be beautiful in your portrait, so please trust us. 

We’d also like to share some posing basics.  If you have one arm straight by your side, make sure the other arm is bent slightly.  If one leg is straight, give the other a casual bend.  Keep your back straight and shoulders up.  Slouching enlarges the appearance of your stomach.

Also, don’t feel the need to smile in every shot.  We want you to be relaxed and comfortable in order to capture your true essence.


Props help showcase your personality and help us record the types of activities you are involved in.  We encourage you to bring props to your portrait session.


Most importantly,
relax and have fun!!!!!